Weighed Down by Worry

Apr 7, 2024    Trevor Hersey

Worry, that heavy load, really affects our daily lives. It feels like a big weight on our shoulders, making us focus only on the stress it brings. But we should remember that God gives us a better way, filled with His strength and His people!

In life's journey, we have The Bible to guide us. Today, we look at the Old Testament for wisdom. We'll talk about two stories that show us how to deal with common worries today – money and work.

These stories aren't just old tales; they are timeless and still meaningful. They show the things we often worry about, like chasing money or dealing with job stress. By looking at these stories, we can learn valuable ways to handle these concerns, inspired by those who trusted in God before us.

As we think about these Old Testament stories, let's be open to what they teach us. We might see that our fears about money and jobs can be handled with faith in God's care. And as we do this, we join others looking for comfort and guidance from above, creating a community of support and shared faith.

Truly, God’s promise of a better life is real and we can reach it through His power and being with His people. Let's accept this with hope and trust that with God's help and each other, we can remove the burden of worry from our lives.

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