Here's How to Pray

Feb 25, 2024    Trevor Hersey

Join us as we look into the transformative power of prayer, as taught by Jesus Himself in Matthew chapter 6. In this video, we explore the intimate and personal nature of prayer, going beyond rituals and embracing a direct connection with God.

Learn the importance of sincerity in prayer, the value of private communion with God, and how to align our hearts with His divine will. Embrace the model prayer given by Jesus, famously known as "The Lord's Prayer," and understand its deeper meaning for our daily lives. We will unpack the rich layers of this prayer, from acknowledging God as our loving Father to seeking His guidance in overcoming life's challenges.

Additionally, we'll discuss the essential nature of forgiveness and trust in our spiritual journey with Jesus. This video isn't just a lesson; it's an invitation to experience the profound connection with the divine that prayer offers. Whether you're new to prayer or seeking to deepen your practice, this video will guide you towards a more fulfilling spiritual experience.

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