Flipping Tables & Cursing Trees

Mar 17, 2024    Trevor Hersey

As we progress along the Road to the Cross, this week's focus lands squarely on the pivotal moments that unfolded at the beginning of Holy Week. It is a time to reflect deeply on the profound actions of Jesus when He arrived at the temple and found it wanting in its purpose, leading to an act of righteous indignation - the cleansing of the temple.

Imagine the scene: the outer court of the temple thriving with merchants and money changers, a place meant for prayer transformed into a bustling market. Into this scene strides Jesus, his presence commanding attention. His reaction is unexpected; tables are overturned, coins scatter across the ground like a metallic storm, doves flutter to freedom. The message is clear: the sanctity of worship had been sullied by commerce and greed.

But what does this powerful moment mean for us today? How should we interpret the disruption caused by Jesus within those sacred walls? Can we find in our own lives places that have become cluttered with material concerns, perhaps distracting us from our relationship with the divine? As we join together in Matthew 21 for this week's message, we will go into these questions and seek understanding.

Furthermore, the enigmatic curse of the fig tree by Jesus as recounted in the passages also presents a challenging metaphor. This fig tree, standing there lush with leaves but barren of fruit, becomes a symbol of disappointment, a representation of unfulfilled potential. When Jesus searches for fruit and finds none, His subsequent curse leads to the tree's withering. It stands as a stark lesson on the expectations of fruitful living no matter the season.

What parallels can we draw between the fig tree and our own lives? In what ways are we called to bear fruit, and how do we respond to that calling? Are there aspects of ourselves that are all show and no substance?

Join us in Matthew 21 starting in verse 12...

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