Guaranteed to Win

Jun 2, 2024    Trevor Hersey

For weeks we have went into the concepts of purpose and calling, exploring their meanings and significance in our lives. Yet, it's quite understandable to think, what if one feels overwhelmed by this call or simply chooses not to engage with it? Does such a stance have the potential to condemn a person to Hell? Absolutely not! Nevertheless, it is pivotal to acknowledge that we are all destined to present ourselves before the Almighty, where we shall be called upon to recount the deeds and decisions that shaped our existence on Earth.

So the question stands: how can we ensure our victory when faced with this inevitable judgement? The answer lies in the teachings of Jesus Christ, who provided us with clear directives to triumph in life. He imparted wisdom about love and compassion, emphasizing the importance of loving God wholeheartedly and extending that love selflessly to our neighbors. Jesus showed us the power of prayer, the need to do unto others, how to seek God's Kingdom, repent, and how to live humbly.

By adhering to these foundational teachings we lay a solid groundwork for success. Each of these aspects form a blueprint for living a life that wins!

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