Reluctant to Trust God

Jun 9, 2024    Trevor Hersey

At times, we discover ourselves in a state where our "trusting God" does not stem from an understanding or recognition of God's nature or His characteristics. Instead, it emerges more as a reaction to the memories of our latest setbacks and shortcomings. So, when inspiring messages like "you have purpose!" or motivations such as "trust God to do something significant!" reach our ears, we tend to react with a sense of hesitancy or skepticism. This reluctance isn't unique to us; in fact, it's a shared human experience, one that resonates deeply within us.

Today, we're going to look at John 21 and see how the disciples struggled to trust what Jesus said. It's a story that many of us can relate to because sometimes it's hard to trust God completely. Trevor is going to help us out by giving some simple, practical tips that we can all use when we're feeling unsure about trusting God.

Just like the disciples had their moments of reluctancy, we do too. So let's go into John 21 together and find out how we can move forward on our journey with God, even when trust doesn't come easily.

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